The existing way of editing Jira issues is convenient, but not fast enough. We decided to move the Excel approach to Jira Cloud, so that users can view and edit all the required issues on the single spreadsheet without the constant switching between the list and issue details. This way users can keep the context of the whole project, version or sprint and edit all the necessary issue attributes at once.

What it does

The Spreadsheet Issue Editor shows the list of issues matching the specified JQL query and provides a way for their inline editing. You can quickly change columns and apply the required values to fields.

How we built it

Initial work on the app started from the RnD task when we evaluated the general capability to edit Jira issues inline. We reviewed the most frequently used custom fields and create a quick prototype in AdobeXD. We discussed the solution and its user experience within the team trying to understand what challenges may occur during the planning and task tracking. We decided to use the reliable and proven the technologies, such as Atlassian Connect with SpringBoot and Java 8. For front-end we used React, JavaScript and AtlasKit. The app is running in AWS (production) and in Heroku (staging).

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge for us was to recognize custom field types and treat them accordingly. As of now the challenge for us is to support multiple instances of the same custom field in next-gen projects and to add support for text areas.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to integrate the app with the issue editing mechanism, so that our users can edit all issues inline on a single spreadsheet. The app supports all the essential field types, so our users can save quite enough time on other project activities.

What we learned

We learned that inline editing of Jira Issues is not so easy as we expected with a plenty of peculiarities in each field type.

What's next for Spreadsheet Issue Editor for Jira Cloud

We want to add support for the following:

  • text area fields
  • multi-select fields
  • saving of issue views with custom fields on them

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