We are mobile game developers trying to make fun and awesome games for all age groups and therefore build bridges across generations. As people are facing lonliness and social distancing, we are committed to help mitigate social distancing by providing easy-to-control games that can be learned fast and played by various people simultaneously.

What it does

SpotTheVirus is a easy-to-grasp, easy-to-play mobile game that even our grandmothers are going to understand, to replace board games in times of crisis.

How we built it

We started with the Single Player Version of the Game to test and refine Gameplay. Next, we added Firebase and its realtime functionality to support 1vs1 multiplayer playing.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Firebase Free Tier limits exceeded. In the beginning, we were using the Firebase Freetier. Unfortionally we received a lot of "quota exceeded" errors, although we did not exceed any of the officially stated hard quotas. Turned out, that Google is applying request quotas as well. Switching to the Balze Plan solved that.
  2. Importing complex SVG Files into Android Studio does not work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We can provide a smooth multiplayer gameplay and can release a production ready app within a few days.

What we learned

Use an online tool to create images of different sizes and import them as pngs into the hdpi/mdpi/xhdpi/xxhdpi/xxxhdpi folders. Developing in Android Native provides a smooth gaming experience. However it yields the disadvantage that a release to iOS is not easily possible.

What's next for SpotTheVirus

  • Release to the Android Play Store
  • Start Marketing and get 10.000 downloads
  • Port the Application to iOS Keep Posted, subscribe to our newsletter at
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