Check the Github Repo for the Video Link! Most people now listen to music by major artists. This blocks smaller creators from getting a chance to get big in the industry, because bigger artists are blocking them off. Our website fixes this


All of us love music a lot, but sometimes we find really good songs that aren’t given enough attention. Music artists put in so much effort into their work, but many of them are not recognized. To help showcase underrated artists and help people discover such artists, we created a website called spotlight.

What it does

Spotlight is a Flask powered website that allows users to submit and discover songs from underrated and small artists to showcase. By using the spotify API, we can search Spotify directly, making it convenient for the user to add a song. Our website has a voting feature to let the community vote on songs to show them up higher on the list. The other part of our website is the discover page. This showcases all of the songs that users have submitted and voted on. By using the Spotify API, you can directly play the song from the website, without having to open up Spotify. On the discover page, the work of underrated artists who deserve more attention are showcased to the community.

How I built it

We built our website by using html, CSS, and JavaScript for our front-end, while using flask, python and node js in the back-end. We used nodejs to create an API to store all of our data for songs, and votes for easy accessibility. Our website is also hosted on Amazon AWS so we can always expand on system resources if we see fit.

Challenges I ran into

One of the initial challenges we had was learning how to use the Spotify API since it was completely new to us and we did not have much knowledge about APIs in advance. Creating our own node js api for managing our data was also very challenging. It was also very challenging to get our server running on AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of successfully completing the Spotlight project.

What I learned

We learned how API's work and what a good user interface should look like. We also learnt how to host websites on services such as AWS.

What's next for Spotlight

As a team we have decided that Spotlight will continue to be refined, and will have new features such as artist preview to make sure the right artist is being chosen, song preview. We will also take feedback from the community. Our goal is to create a Spotlight community to help small artists get recognized by their work. We will also look into buying a domain to make our website easily accessiblel.

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