A few weeks ago I had an aha moment that I've been looking for throughout this challenge. I scrambled last minute to put the app together. I am happy to submit the Spot A Name app for the RootsTech Challenge.

During my morning walk to the office, I often see graffiti on signs, bridges, and walls. I'm always curious as to what motivate people to imprint their name in these public locations. Why is it so important to be known and recognized by people in the future? This thinking led me to recall the countless names that I had been exposed to growing up like in this photo. We've all seen it.

I was here

I sensed that something was there but couldn't quite put a finger on it...

In the early stage of the challenge, I did quite a bit of research into the industry and existing apps on the market. I saw a lot of family tree creation apps. I also noticed a lot of memories preservation apps where one can digitized all of their past. Nothing really stood out and sparked an idea that I was truly excited about. I was stuck.

But just until weeks ago, a light bulb went up and I connected the dots. It would be an app that serves as a tool for people to take photos and transcribe names of loved ones from Any Locations they feel is important so that they can permanently preserve these Memories. It can be memorials, grave sites, on the street, and wherever else you feel the Name is important to mark. Here are a few examples:

Memorial (family name Rubbing)
Memorial (family name Rubbing)

Special Name

The Names at these locations are at risk of corrosion, decay, and being destroyed by time and other reasons. The pyramids were built to honor their Kings and even that is at risk of fading into the past. It is imperative that we help preserve them into a digital form that is theoretically saved forever.

Corrosion and Decay
Corrosion and Decay

Temporary Posted Notes
Temporary Posted Notes

Street Memorial (Boston Marathon bombing) at risk of being cleared out with time
Street Memorial at risk of being cleared out with time

With the Spot A Name app, anyone can spot the names, post it, and allow others to transcribe so people around the world can access this memory. The app is very simple to use embedded in a beautiful design. User can take photos and type the names in a few steps. GPS locations and built in map is included.

In addition, user can add Family Names to be notified by Push when their loved ones have been transcribed and found. The process is as simple as typing in the first and last name. This feature is great to get started with the discovery of their ancestry. It's an engaging way to get different demographics to begin the process.

A listing of recent photos with Search is also available at http://spotaname.com to increase accessibility to the database.

I am proud to have created the app within the short amount of time. It is a tremendous effort to have something working on iOS and Android with the window on the website to get people started with preserving the memories now.

**Please note that the iOS v 1.0 is currently Waiting for Review and should be available in a week or so. For the judges, please provide a Testflight account for the test version. As soon as the iOS app is approved, the Android app will be live as well. This page will be updated as things change.

iOS - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spot-a-name/id955543771?ls=1&mt=8

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