The prompt for this PickHacks 2019 was athletics, so we decided to combine health and nutrition with athletics, with a heavy focus on women. This is because we are 75% women as a team. We were inspired by the "choose your own adventure."

What it does

It is a form of "choose you own adventure" format, but instead, this program will allow the user to answer a series of questions. Each question asks certain symptoms about certain injuries. Each question will lead to another question depending on the answer "yes or no", and at the end of each branch, it will list out a possible injury with some treatment advice and nutrition advice regarding to certain sports.

How I built it

We used C++ and Visual Studio to build this program.

Challenges I ran into

Unfortunately, we are beginner coders, so we do not too many languages. We are proficient in C++, so that is what we used. We wanted to create UI, but we did not know how. After many attempts, we finally created a basic user interface.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Since we are all freshmen computer science students, we are proud that we were able to plan and code all this in one day.

What I learned

We learned how to be patient with programming, and we learned pace ourselves with this programming.

What's next for Sports Doctor

We will build a better User Interface. Plus, maybe we will gather professional information from doctors or other physicians to make the information more accurate. Also, maybe we will add more illnesses or injuries for athletic women and men. Also, we could make the symptoms more specific towards certain sports.

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