We are all big football fans and we wanted to make a project that will collect highlights of our favorite game

What it does

It takes in a video file that would take in a video file and would generate a highlight video file using google cloud video recognition API

How we built it

We made use of the google cloud video recognition API to get key moments of a video, trimmed the original video and merged it all into a highlight video using Java. We used JavaFX to make the UI for our app.

Challenges we ran into

Using the google cloud API was challenging as it was our first time and as such, running the API and getting our desired outputs were difficult

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got the API to work and were able to make a highlight video file

What we learned

This was the first time using the google API and the entire process was a learning experience

What's next for SportHighlightsAutoEditor

It is by no means perfect and there are many ways to optimize it for better experience

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