Turn based word puzzle game, in which you play with your friends on guessing a hidden word or sentence over two playing rounds:

  • Play against random opponents or Facebook friends, and add them to your in-game friend network
  • Spin the wheel to score points, and pick enough letters to be able to guess the puzzle word and win the round.
  • Turn based gameplay, fitting in with your everyday life. Play when your're waiting for the bus, in your coffee break or when you just feel like it .
  • Play in different languages (English and Danish for now, more coming up)
  • Buy the premium version to get rid of ads and enjoy cool premium-only features in the game.

We've tried to design a gameplay, that engages users in fierce word puzzle battles, while still encompassing the ever so important spin-off of resharpening vocabulary- and spelling skills for all ages.

We've used Titanium 2.1 throughout the project, and modules such as Admob, Quicktigame2d, ZLSound and Storekit to speed up building a compelling, robust game app for smartphones.

iOS for now, Android is prepared for a later release.

So they say games cannot be built with Titanium? They sure can!

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