Spills can happen anytime when oil or water based products are stored and transported..Spill kit are used to keep spills in the safest method.This is a collection of items for spills or other discharge of oils.These are mainly used in petroleum field. spill kits to clean the hydrocarbons and water based products.They spill kits dubai prevent the spill from spreading further makes the product inside be safe.There may be different types of spill kits and each spill kit contains more components.Protective clothing,absorbive materials,disposal bags,dustpan are the main components of a spill kit.There are mainly 3 types of spill kits called universal spill kit,chemical spill kit, and oil spill kit.The spill kit perform the cleaning in the case of spill .This kit contain equipment to clean up the spill and to stop the leakage.They are mainly used to soak up coolant,paint blood,bodily fluids oils and fuels and water based chemicals.

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