Inspired by the success of games such as Flappy Bird, Fruit Ninja, and 2048, our team set out to develop a game that would run on multiple devices and create many moments of fun. To emulate the successful characteristics of these games, we tried to keep the target market as general as possible but with a focus on the younger population. There were three guidelines that our team set that would become the basis of our idea: 1.) The game had to be simple. 2.) The game had to be easy to pick up and put down. 3.) The game had to involve an element of strategy. With these three guidelines, we came up with the idea of a revamped rock, paper, scissors game in which players had the option of changing their choice. This one change to the rules fulfilled all of our guidelines and adds many layers of strategy which can keep players interested for extended or shortened periods of time.

In order to begin developing the application, we tested many different platforms which include desktop applications, windows phone, or simply web applications. In the end we built a prototype game in scratch and a functional HTML page that would be accessible on multiple platforms. The benefit to using these platforms was that it was simple to implement custom artwork that created a magic theme and an incredibly aesthetic appeal.

What sets this application apart is its versatility and ease of play. Our application adds one key element to a well established children's game. The rules can be learned within seconds and creates many layers of strategy which eliminates luck and requires skills such as reaction time, feinting and logic. The application can also be easily played against a computer or a human opponent. These characteristics allow our application to be incredibly accessible and fun to play.

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