After forming a brand new team we brainstormed and built on the idea of a dating crash game. We combined several ideas to one broad committing and revealing concept that would allow people to have fun, see social experiment in action, interact with people and win a jackpot without loosing any money they keep their commitments.

What it does

Our program implements a variation of "Who Stole a Cookie Jar" game. Users commit to play a game by putting a stake in. When the game starts players can negotiate with other their future move by sharing their plans and looking at plans of others. After that they can make a move that does not have match their plans shared with others. After the move is made depending on the moves of other the player can win the jackpot, end the game or continue the game.

How I built it

We used Vue/javascript for UI and Taxa and Node.js for backend.

Challenges I ran into

Unfamiliar technology, complex architectural implementation, limited resources

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Gain knowledge of Taxa and SmartContract platform, achieved presentable results with a new team, get a positive experience including non-tech specialist in development project

What I learned

new technologies and processes

What's next for SpeepStake!

Go live and get super popular!

Built With

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