We actually took a break to go grab lunch during the Hackathon and guess what, we wouldn't decide on what to eat. During our lunch we decided to scrap our old idea and start new. We talked through ideas of "crowdsourcing" where we should eat. The place with the most money thrown at it would win but that's a little weird for picking a restaurant so we decided a quick, fun way would be to spazz at your keyboard until a place was picked for you.

Because we were at a Hackathon, we thought it would be better if we didn't even have to move after things were decided so, we used Ordr.In's api to randomly get restaurants that deliver and you would fight for between the 4 with your friends "Twitch plays pokemon" style.

We targeted group events where people just aren't decisive or collaborative enough to pick on a place for food. With spazz4fuds it makes it fun and random.

Using socket, we were able to create connections so that everyone in the group could make an input. This way everyone really does have a fair say. If someone really is passionate they just need to mash harder.

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