// Inspiration

We wanted to make something similar to the app Acorn, but instead of investing your spare change, we donate it.

// What it does

Automates the donation process by rounding off purchases to the next dollar and donating them to the charity of your choice, while logging said data to later be claimed in tax deductibles. We gamify the process by adding achievements in badge form that are earned when certain amounts are donated over time to show the value of what you're donating to. For example: vaccinations for children, clean water in villages or even puppy sanctuaries.

// How we built it

We designed it in node.js because we wanted the fastest environment to produce products. Using Capital One's API Nessie, we were able to simulate financial transactions that would appear on our account to demonstrate the use case of our application.

// Challenge(s) we ran into

Thinking of ways to gamify the process.

// Accomplishments that we're proud of

That it can help raise funding for groups that make a difference.

// What we learned

We actually conducted some data analysis on college students' purchase trends: daily, weekly, monthly and annually. In correspondence to repeated purchases. To see the amount that could be donated by say one individual, a group, a class, an event as large as this one or even a large user case. The numbers add up really fast and we want to show that for a small part on the user's side they can contribute to a much large difference.

// What's next for Change

We can log user data on their purchases and the charities they donate to for analytic purposes. We can integrate a variety of API's to enable functions such as webhooks. As users continue to grow we can have the various charities demonstrate the initiatives being taken with the donations they've received.

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