Being a high school student learning Spanish, I realized that:

1) A heavy focus on learning different tenses and conjugating verbs can inadvertently lead to students neglecting to learn new vocabulary.

2) School curriculums often treat languages simply as a way to communicate. However, languages are also a piece of culture, and that aspect of language is not always celebrated or explored as it should be.

What it does

My project includes a "spreadsheet" of different icons representing a Spanish speaking country. Hovering over each icon will display in depth information on the topic in Spanish, where advanced students can practice their Spanish reading fluency while learning about said country. Clicking on an icon will bring them to another website where they can read more about the topic.

From there, students can also use the built-in flashcard system to review and practice new terms from the spreadsheet. To test their comprehension, a second built-in quiz (or "prueba") feature lets the user answer questions about the country they toured and see what grade they get!

How we built it

I built this in repl using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I made my own pixel art using an online css program.

Challenges we ran into

I had trouble getting the text to change when the mouse hovered over different parts of the image map (spreadsheet). I initially was trying to use visibility attributes with CSS, but I eventually troubleshooted the issue by making a much simpler function in JavaScript.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Other than improving my technical skills, I'm very proud of my final product. I think this is something that would have benefited me in class and I definitely plan to keep building on this website to share with my peers! Spanish is one of my all-time favorite subjects, and I would be honored to use technology to make it another student's favorite class too.

What we learned

I learned a lot this weekend! I learned how to use image maps, make pixel art, and I improved my existing skills. I also got to practice my own Spanish this weekend which was great!

What's next for Spanish Adventures

I want to work on more countries and expand my "países" (countries) menu so users have more options of what areas to explore!

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