With Shoudio powered audioguide apps users with smartphones (iphone/android) can tune into narrative, gps guided, fully offline (thus no roaming!), audioguides with supporting images, routes to discover cities and offline available zoomable maps (powered by OSM).

Shoudio is the location based audio platform. Users can record & share audio from the GPS location where they are. Bundling a selection of these recordings and adding a route means these routes can be used in custom built apps such as the 'Ruimte van West' app, which is available in English and Dutch. With this app as an example users can explore this borough of Amsterdam while following a route on a map and listening to stories and information about the places they visit along the walk.

Next to Shoudio's own app, we make these kind of audioguide apps such as 'Ruimte van West' (Spacious West) which was released mid August on top of our webplatform. Users can simply make their own routes and submit them to be included in the audioguide apps.

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