We think SpaceEngine is pretty cool, but find the fact its Windows only limiting. Why not make it available to more people as a webapp?

What it does

SpaceBaby currently provides a rudimentary scale model of the Solar System, with ambitions to map all of NASA's available data on the Universe.

How we built it

We built SpaceBaby in Javascript, specifically using the Babylon.js WebGL API.

Challenges we ran into

The physics for modeling even rudimentary orbits in the Universe turned out to be significantly difficult - quickly expanding into the realm of employing Kepler's Laws. Thankfully we had a physicist on our team, though we were marred by the limitations of the API of our choice.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Even getting the Solar System modeled as far as we did.

What we learned

How to use WebGL in a basic way, and hopefully, for the future, when to abandon an API that doesn't fulfill our expectations.

What's next for Spacebaby

General relativity and pure WebGL.

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