Being stuck at home with little to no responsibility can lead to unproductivity which in turn can lead to a decline in one's physical and mental wellbeing. CPG Grey's video presents a great analogy on how we can change our lifestyle to make the best of our time in quarantine. CPG Grey talks about dividing your space into four main sections: creating, exercise, sleep, and leisure, where all of them are crucial to your physical and mental wellbeing to live a balanced life.

What it does

The web app allows you to plan out your day to ensure that you include a healthy amount of each category. The data is then automatically uploaded to your Google Calendar. The background colour of the web app also changes accordingly to represent the current type of activity you should be doing. At the end of every day, there is a mood meter to rate how you felt throughout the day, and a final page displays your statistics throughout the week.

How we built it

We used HTML and CSS to build the structure of the web app. This includes the video embedded at the start, the visual schedule which updates with every new task added. The Google Calendar API was also used to enable users to automatically transfer their schedules to their calendars. The web app then compares the current time to their schedules to indicate what activity the user should be doing. Javascript was used to display some of the data inputted by the users and delivered requests to the API.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing the google calendar API took a lot of research and getting used too. This was especially difficult as not many of us knew Javascript. We had some saving issues with where it would sometimes not save the data correctly. We were originally planning to incorporate MongoDB into the project although this proved to be more complex than we anticipated and thus that part of the project was not completed. In addition, final touches to the front end of the website including centering the content proved to be harder than expected

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to connect and use the Google Calendar API with minimal to no previous experience, we attempted to use Mongo DB in and although we were unsuccessful we still learned a lot. We learned a lot about front end development by adding many features, such as disabling the options in the selection blocks to prevent invalid entries, loading data from Google Calendar, a background that constantly updates to change colour.

What we learned

We further developed and learned the following skills: HTML5, CSS, Google Cloud API and Interfaces

What's next for Space You

Adding a password and username for user login to keep the user's information private. More statistics to analyze for the users, Improvements to the accuracy of scheduling (to the nearest half-hour). Ability to delete and edit the schedule from the web app.

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