If you are a space geek and you find details about our solar system interesting then the Space Weather app is perfect for you. By utilizing data coming straight from Curiosity Rover strolling on Mars or SOHO spacecraft monitoring the Sun, Space Weather app lets you wear space weather conditions center on your wrist and in your pocket. With the app you can check actual weather conditions on Mars, you can find detailed information about sunspots and solar wind, you can even see the solar flares and detailed Sun surface immortalized on photos travelling to your device - straight from space! And if you prefer something closer to Earth, you can check the past and future Moon phases - to plan your astronomical observations or to prepare for romantic evening walk in the moonlight.

The full list of features is as follows:

  • Mars weather conditions
  • Mars & Earth orbit relation
  • Solar wind data
  • Sunspots data
  • Solar images
  • Past and future Moon phases

Space Weather - the ultimate solar system weather app.

The app consists of Android app and Gear clock face.

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