We wanted to build a fun interactive game that uses the Oculus and Myo. We were inspired by the game Flappy Bird and thought it would be fun to step into the shoes (wings?) of the bird. In addition, during Bitcamp, there were oddly several Chicken/Space references so we decided to brand our game to honor the event.

How it works

Space Chicken uses the Oculus Rift to put you, the user, into role of a space chicken. The game also uses the Myos to measure acceleration as you flap your way to being the king of the space chickens!

Challenges we ran into

We have never worked with the Oculus, Unity, or even C# before the event. We had to scramble to learn of the technologies as well as integrate the Myo and Oculus together. In addition, there were several times when we

Accomplishments that We proud of

We are proud to say that we have made a product using technologies that we have never worked with before and that we learned so much from diving head first into developing Space Chicken.

What's next for Space Chicken

We will definitely want to add multiplayer as well as integrate other technologies into the game such as the leap motion or even Kinect.

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