Finding sheet music is hard, and writing it is even harder. Despite the countless number of websites proclaiming uninhibited access to written music, most are blocked by pay-walls or held back by limited selections. SoundScribe offers an alternative, by instantly transcribing any music you play into a clean PDF. SoundScribe allows anyone to either transcribe a song they memorized and have long-since forgotten, or one they just created.

With SoundScribe, you merely record and upload your music to our application. Given the audio file, SoundScribe uses signal processing and machine learning to extract different notes, based on the particular timbre of your instrument. It then generates a LilyPond file which then gets exported to a PDF -- completely hassle free!

This kind of software does not yet exist, especially in an open source format. Even with the assistance of Fourier Transforms, the problem of recognizing notes and beats from a set of frequencies has been typically regarded as a very challenging problem. However, we managed to circumvent these issues by utilizing machine learning to allow our program to learn to identify patterns in recorded music. We even allow for basic music notation to more fully communicate your music.

SoundScribe makes the preservation of musical culture easier and much more accessible.

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