Sooner or later it happens to everyone to feel mooody or depressed. A good medicine has been often a friend’s word of comfort, a music dear to our heart or simply a contagious laughter.

How important is the sound for our well-being?

The human body is a set of vibrations and waves and the sound has a big impact on it, it acts on different parts of our brain thus controlling stress, pain, anxiety and anguish, harmonizes our bioenergetic system, promotes sleep, stimulates creativity and influence our emotional sphere in a totally positive way.

If we should associate a color to our positive feelings, which one would we choose?

Sounds of Happiness is a social hub that is giving a voice to your emotions through the magic that only the human voice can convey. Capture your happy moments by recording a message, a music or a sound that makes you feel good, tag it, color it and share it with everyone.

Sounds of happiness is a new way to remind the best moments, and influence positively the emotions of others.

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