What are we solving?

The world is becoming increasingly complex and fast paced. The hecticness of our lives seems to be showing very few signs of slowing down. There is an ever increasing pressure to "make it" in life and people all over the world are working harder (and longer) than ever before. That little free time that we manage to squeeze out of our super busy days is often consumed by other activities we enjoy such as attending events, socializing online and/or catching up with friends, family or loved ones.

But what about our own self? How often do we find the necessary time to step back, slow down and really spend some quality "me time" reflecting on our daily experiences? How often do we create the precious space of gaining some personal headspace?

There is plenty of evidence that activities such as yoga, mindfulness and meditation can be extremely powerful tools that can help us deal with the ever growing complexity and stress of modern living. They help us reflect on our lives and provide the opportunity to not only observe but also integrate our emotions and experiences in a more wholistic way. However, these often require a degree of training and imply substantial effort (not to mention the time) before one can really begin to reap the benefits.

The world seems to be in need for a quick but powerful fix. Something that can seamlessly fit in our lives without requiring any special training or skill, energy or time. Something that is easy to do, enjoyable and engaging and yet is flexible enough to squeeze easily into our busy calendar. Something we can summon at will, at any point in time, anywhere we are. Wouldn't it be great if there was such a thing?

Well, now there is! Read on.

The solution

Soundiary is a sensor rich, wearable ring, that collects all of your daily experiences in the form of your emotional and biometric data (including data from other sources such as your sonic environment, calendars, emails, etc) and utilizes advanced machine learning technology to compose the soundtracks of your life.

So how does it work?

Imagine coming home after a terribly busy day filled with ups and downs and lots of running around. You enter your home, drag yourself to the living room and crash on the sofa. You then instruct the Soundiary to play your day:

  • You: Soundiary, play my day
  • Soundiary: "Alright, here is your day (amazing music begins)"

The music is composed by advanced generative algorithms that map the data from the ring to the properties of the music such as tempo, pitch, melody, key etc., while also combining it with abstract representations of your affective states and the environmental sounds that you have experienced.

This musical composition draws you into the musical world in which now you have the ability to reflect back on your day by re-experiencing it from a different perspective allowing you to integrate your affective states as a form of emotional closure.

Why is it good?

  • it's personal and understands you
  • it's seamless and unobtrusive
  • it doesn't require extra time or effort
  • it doesn't require any special skills.
  • it's immersive and engaging
  • it's social and shareable
  • it's a potential revenue stream

Business model & monetization

We see ample opportunities in creating a cloud-based content platform in which everyone can share their days and life experiences with their friends and the public buy uploading and downloading the soundtracks. These soundtracks can also become a source of income for the content creator. We see blockchain technology lending itself well to this concept. Imagine that every time you'd listen to someone's soundtrack that person would be credited a fraction of a digital coin (call it the soundcoin). In addition to these, there are also opportunities to monetize celebrity endorsements and influencer generated content (for example Beyonce could upload her day and the interested users could listen to it for a fee.


Our team was consisted of creatives and regretfully no engineers. We built the concept, brand and business strategy and are looking forward to the opportunity of building the technical prototype in the future. If there is someone who'd like to work on this, we'd be stoked to connect.

Life is hectic. Slow down, tune in, and remember the best parts with Soundiary.

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