Our inspiration was two fold. Firstly, it was the numerous requests from seniors for assistance that we've seen online, and volunteers who are willing to answer the call. Secondly, it was our own financial situations that have been greatly compromised by COVD-19.

What it does

SOS2 matches seniors who need assistance with tasks like buying groceries or walking a dog with student volunteers who can qualify for the Canadian Student Service Grant.

Based on range (and, eventually, availability), students are matched with senior to aid them in tasks. The idea that the match pairing is not a one time thing such as an Uber ride but instead a dedicated senior supporter to help out on a continuous basis.

How our team built it

We used Google Cloud Platform tools to make this work. Specifically, we used speech to text APIs, natural language analysis APIs, the Firestore database APIs, and directions APIs.

Challenges we ran into

The two primary challenges we ran into were intializing the APIs to work, followed up being able to integrate the tools.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're happy to say that we were able to get our individual tools working, and were able to integrate them with relative success. While it's not an automatic transition between the natural language processing and the firestore upload, it's pretty close! The speech to text and natural language processing are working together and export nicely to a text file, and that text file is then opened by the Firestore database API's and used by the directions API fluently.

What's next for (SOS)2 - Supporting Our Seniors, Supporting Our Students

We think there is a definite need for an application like SOS2. Even though restrictions are beginning to lift slowly, the COVID-19 numbers are still rising and when the next wave hits we'd like to have a functioning system in place to ease the burden on seniors and students.

Check out the GITHUB and youtube demo!

Team members: Aziz Uddin Adithya Shankar Ryan Walsh Adrian Best

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