Our inspiration was to see applications like "Shazam" and "" that are heavy and we thought why not have the same function as them using Facebook Messenger, in the future we intend to make functions more similar to the search form of the application "Shazam ".

What it does

Our project, Songs Lyrics, is an application integrated with facebook messenger to make life easier for music lovers all over the world, making songs and artists much more accessible, just send a message to our facebook page, and our bot te will help you find what you're looking for, simple as that!

How we built it

We used PHP to build the music lyrics search API, the APIs were built by ourselves but were hosted on servers of our friend’s partner site, who already had the site with a large bank of music lyrics and he gave us authorization to use to create this free project.

Already the writing of the messages using the ChatFuel platform connected with the facebook page, and within that platform we chose the free plan, we used it because it was one of the only ones that allowed us to make requests for an API to get the values dynamically and respond to the user the musical lyrics.

Challenges we ran into

The first big difficulty was when we thought "how are we going to get so many musical lyrics?", And then a member of the team said he knew a friend who owns a music lyrics site and he gave us permission to use the database on his site in our application.

The second difficulty was finding a platform to write the messages that the bot had sent, most platforms did not have the option to send requests for APIs in the free plan, but after a few days of researching we found ChatFuel that we attended very well for the creation of this project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to be the first to build an automatic bot on facebook messeger to search for musical lyrics.

What we learned

We had to learn how to edit video to make our bot presentation more professional. And we learned all about the ChatFuel platform and its API connection documentation.

What's next for Songs Lyrics

We want to look for ways to make our users' lives even easier, so we will invest our time in research to improve the way our users search for their musical lyrics, thus enabling searches by audio, image or text. And of course we want more than anything to have the option of previewing the words along with the writing of the letters.

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