The future of air guitar is here!

Solo Air is a virtual guitar app that can be played with a connected companion device like a Samsung Gear smart watch. Use your phone to change chords and your watch to strum along to your favorite songs. Make playing air guitar come to life like never before!

Fun for complete beginners and guitar virtuosos alike


Solo Air is supported on the entire range of Samsung Gear smart watches running either Tizen or Android Wear operating systems and integrates seamlessly with the design principles of the respective platforms. *The original Gear 1 may require a system update to Tizen

Settings1 Settings2

Adjust the settings to suit your playing syle, a particular song or to your preferred user interface. The host app also provides a wealth of customizable options suitable for players of all skill levels.

Gear2 Gear app features

  • Authentic guitar playing experience using strum-like motions
  • Alternatively, play by tapping the watch in rhythm to your favorite songs
  • Optionally change chords directly from the watch, so you don't need to hold a phone while playing
  • Change motion sensitivity to suit your playing style
  • Change strum duration to suit a specific song
  • Customizable UI optimized for each watch platform
  • Clock overlay still allows you to tell time at a glance

Host Device Phone app features

  • Classical guitar, acoustic guitar and electric guitars, each with their own authentic sound
  • A huge chord library with chord diagrams - hear and see how each chord is played
  • Unlimited size chord layouts with a scrolling carousel for easy chord progressions
  • Play along to any music loaded on your phone
  • Record what you play or save ideas for later
  • Get chord and lyric overlays from the web - excellent for teaching yourself new songs to play
  • Play with a capo to fit your vocal range
  • Play in Fret Mode for the most authentic guitar playing experience


Improvements from round one

  • Solo Air is now available across the entire Gear range. Added support for Gear S and Gear Live (Android Wear).
  • Added Fret Mode to the app (form chords on the phone like on a real guitar, and play them with the watch).
  • Added an analog clock to optionally enable while the app is running (it is a watch, after all)
  • New high resolution graphics for the watch and phone app
  • Improved tap-to-strum mode on the watch app
  • Performance improvements to remove lag, better connectivity feedback, less battery usage ________________________________________

Have Fun!

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