Inspiration: We are passionate about bringing real estate opportunities to people around the world, using blockchain technology, enabling easier access, trading, and transparency, with the goal of making real estate work for everyone. We care because we are also everyone!

What it does: SolidBlock makes property work for everyone. We are building a new asset class based on real estate, combining the stability of the property market growth and efficiency of blockchain-based financial products. SolidBlock creates tradable digital assets backed by real estate that grant investors rights to revenue, dividends, or interest and allow them to benefit from the growth of their property as well as trade their assets at any time.

How we built it: The chosen language for backend development was mainly dotnet core framework.

The reason to work with dotnet core framework is because of its truly cross-platform capabilities, it allows us to develop with great tools like C# / Visual studio test on any machine and deploy on a “cheap” ubuntu instance without compromising on performance.

For other backend tasks such as Ethereum / Tezos integration, we are using nodejs, mostly because of the Web3.JS library but also because of its cross-platform capabilities.

Challenges we ran into: The challenge has been overcoming regulations and growing our global network.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

1st ever successful commercial property digital offering: St. Regis Aspen Resort, raising $18M (see case study). Over $400K in revenue since launch Successfully closed ~$1.1M of $2.5M round in addition to $1M signed term sheet and additional commitments Partnerships with major players: Chamber of Digital Commerce, TZero, North Capital, Realto, Entoro and more Pipeline valued at over $100M SolidBlock expected earnings > $1.4M in the next 12 months ($100K in MMR in 12 months)

What's next for SolidBlock: In 5 years we will open the real estate market to millions of people with over 1 billion dollars of assets tokenized

Future Milestones:

10 issuance projects in 2021 3 syndicated projects Partnerships with data companies Integrating AI solutions Completed trading platform ATS license

Built With

  • dotnet
  • ethereum
  • it-allows-us-to-develop-with-great-tools-like-c#-/-visual-studio-test-on-any-machine-and-deploy-on-a-?cheap?-ubuntu-instance-without-compromising-on-performance.-for-other-backend-tasks-such-as-ethereum-/-tezos-integration
  • we-are-using-nodejs
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