💡 Inspiration

  • In today's digital era it's hard to authenticate the original creator of any Image or post on any social media platform due to plagiarism and duplicity, so to stop all this, we have to build a platform to protect image copyrights.
  • Recently, it has become increasingly difficult for photographers and image creators to protect their creations from being stolen and used without their consent, especially when they simply upload it to the internet.
  • Visible watermarks can be used, but they are aesthetically displeasing and can be tampered with as well. This is where the idea for SocioMark came about. We wanted to create a platform for users to encode a unique copyright within the image itself to eliminate the regular struggles that come with image copyrighting.

👨‍💻 What it does

  • SocioMark is essentially a social media platform that lets users create an account to upload and share images. Every image upload is added to the user's profile and can be shared with other users.
  • After uploading the image, the user's unique hash created from their profile is encoded within the image. Users can verify an image's copyright and see if it matches with the user who uploaded the image. If the verification fails, users can flag an image to be taken down, protecting the original creator's copyright.

🚩 How we built it

  • This platform was built using React for the frontend of the application that provides the UI and functionality of a social media application.
  • The backend of the platform uses FastAPI and MongoDB for the database.
  • The backend utilizes Python to build the encoder and decoder that embeds the user's unique hash within the image to allow for the copyright and verification process.

🙆‍♂️ Challenges we ran into

  • One of the main challenges we ran into with this project is incorporating the numerous functions required of a social media platform.
  • From login and registering authentication to implementing like and comment functionality for posts and even building user profiles, there are many parts to creating a viable social media app, and it took a lot of work to implement everything.
  • Additionally, building the encoder required a lot of research and trial and error. Finally, integrating the frontend and the backend of the platform and debugging the full functionality proved to be a challenge as well.

😎 Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are proud of having implemented a full-stack social media platform with incredible data authenticity.
  • Making a social media platform requires many steps in itself, but adding original features like digital watermarking makes this platform unique and a necessary contribution to ethical data usage.
  • Furthermore, this model can be applied to any social media platform to preserve the ownership and authenticity

😍 What we learned

  • Building a full-stack app right from the scratch using React app with a FastAPI and MongoDB backend
  • Tailwind CSS for styling and Making UI more Aesthetic and beautiful
  • Image steganography
  • GitHub Best Practices
  • Collaboration as a virtual team using Github, Google Meet, and Discord

🎯 What's next for SocioMark

  • Follower functionality that improves interaction between users and lets users customize their feed pages
    • Increase complexity of encoding user hash into image
    • Sharing functionality to share images outside of platform

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