In order to have healthy life, people need to be fit not only physically but also mentally. Because of the pandemic, many people realize they have mental issues and do not know how to deal with isolation. Some people do not want to share their mental issues with others and do not know how to seek help. This can result in serious consequences since people with mental issues can not only hurt themselves but also hurt others. Because of that, technology people should step in and develop solutions that can resolve this issue.

With the hope to find solutions for the above issue, we want to introduce SocialMenti, an app that connects people who have mental issue and provides companionship. The app tracks people's moods, sends encouragement messages to people when they feel down or depressed, sets up events for people to join and connect, lets people write diary to keep their memories, and allows them to share memorial photos of their lives with their friends on the same platform.

Purpose & Motivation

Mental health has always been a concern of many people, especially women. When feeling down, it is important to have immediate help. People need companion, encouragement and someone to talk with to overcome mental health issues. However, current social isolation events and lack of access to care makes it hard for people to get those supports.

Because of those needs, we want to introduce SocialMenti. It is an app that connects people with others who have same mental health issues to share tips and get encouragement. The app tracks users' moods and suggest needed actions for people to overcome the issues. Users can also play games that are good for mental health. They can also attend events organized by SocialMenti to connect, meet people who have same mental issues, and learn how to cope with those issues.

How does the application work?

  • After signing in, people are asked to complete their profiles to match and find friends who have same hobbies and mental issues.
  • Through SocialMenti, people with same issues can share tips to overcome mental issues and are asked by SocialMenti to send encouraging messages and step in to talk and help friends when they feel down.
  • SocialMenti discovers people who have mental issues by tracking moods through a chat bot called Alex. Alex asks users what is their mood for the day and can suggest activities or schedule consulting session for people who have severe mental issue.
  • Users can write diary to note down good memories and look back at them when feeling down.
  • Users can take photos, share, and let friends know about their moods so others can come in and share advice to help the users overcome mental difficulties.
  • There are games that are suggested for relieving stress.
  • Users can attend events organized by SocialMenti to uplift their moods and learn to cope with mental issues.


  • HTML, CSS, Figma
  • The app uses Machine Learning, AI, and data analytics to set up the interaction between the chat bot and the users. The chat bot is taught to speak with users if they do not want to share their stories with anyone.
  • Through machine learning, SocialMenti analyzes users' moods, predicts and suggests activities that can uplift user's spirits. Based on the data, SocialMenti also seeks help for users if needed.
  • Through Twilio and WhatsApp setup, the app sends notifications to friends/family members that are connected with the users through SocialMenti to step in and send encouragement messages or listen to users if needed.

How to use the application

  • In user's profile, we can see Alex, the friendly bot. He checks and notes user's mood daily through message.
  • If user feels down, he/she can chat with friends or play games to uplift his/her mood.
  • User also can write notes in his/her diary everyday. Based on the notes, Alex can suggest activities to reduce users' stress such as listening to Spotify music.
  • When user feels sad, Alex can talk to him/her or suggest user to talk with friends. SocialMenti takes action and notifies user's friends to talk with the user to help the users feel better.
  • When user feels nervous, Alex will take action and suggest to set up a consulting appointment for the user.
  • User can post photos to share with his/her friends through SocialMenti. Also, he/she can attend events organized by Social Menti to uplift his/her mood and learn to cope with mental issues.

Challenges we ran into

Design and finish the project on time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to design SocialMenti and publish it to a website

What we learned

Dealing with stress and meeting the deadline


  • SocialMenti has competitive advantages against other social and mental health apps. It uses machines learning and AI technology to predict and suggest suitable activities to help people who have mental issues. Further, it alerts people that are connected to the users and provide companion, games, and activities that can reduce the stress level of the users.
  • Because of the above features, launching SocialMenti is a guaranteed success globally.
  • With the rise of Machine Learning/AI and the technology we use for this App, we can get funds from health care companies, financial companies as well as support from technology companies such as Microsoft. We can use Microsoft Azure Machine Learning platform to upgrade technology and use funds from financial investors such as Capital One, Goldman Sachs, etc. that are interested in investing in this app.

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