SOCIALgrlz LLC is the first mobile, web publishing company dedicated to improving the quality of life for African-American girls. Our website and mobile application provides girls with articles, interviews, games, our specially-designed book called the SOCIALgrlz Text Book and a column with pearls of wisdom from seasoned women. SOCIALgrlz is supported by five platforms Be Heard, SOCIALgrlz Textbook, SOCIALgrlz Bookshelf, Odessa’s Wisdom and Hot Topics.

The SOCIALgrlz experience is designed to speak to the needs of young ladies who will change the conversation through modern technology. We created this safe space only because we realize that there is not one space for African American teen girls to read articles, watch videos, develop leadership skills, receive advice from young professionals, share their story on the world wide web or even download a mobile application created for them.

Our website is designed to format on any platform including desktop, ipad, tablets and smartphones. We are currently developing the mobile application which will be in the Adroid market and Apple Store. Our goal is to provide positive images and stories of African American girls and women. We also want girls to feel excited and proud of being a precious jewel and a leader in today's society. Studies show that there are more mobile devices in a household than a computer and we realize in order to reach our girls we need to go right to the palm of their hands and stay on their fingertips.

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