The inability to send text messages or post tweets via the Amazon Alexa.

What it does

Allows a user to send text messages or post tweets to twitter to add social functionality to the Amazon Alexa.

How we built it

We utilized and Amazon Echo, Node.JS and integrated several APIs in order to implement all of our functionality.


Integrating twitter with the Amazon Alexa.


In order to integrate oauth with the account, a user must sign up with their twitter account to allow our application to make posts to their account which is done during the enable skill process.

This is done through a heroku application that does not store or cache any of the users credentials and all API keys for the user are stored on each user's respective amazon account.

Sample Invocations:

Alexa tweet

Build Settings

Node J.S. 6.10 Basic lambda execution.

Advanced Settings

Needs at least 512 MB of ram to run. (Done under advanced settings.) Needs a timeout of at least 1 minute.


Brandon Ashworth

Christopher Doege

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integration of oauth for twitter with the amazon alexa (Not hard coding keys). Implementation of random text input in order to perform tweets and text messages.

What we learned

Node.JS, twilio, twitter API, oauth

What's next for SocialAlexa

Integration with Facebook and other social media platforms!

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