Social Environment of Happiness We, the philantropists, change the world and create social environment of happiness. Our priority direction is development and implementation into the system and society of social instruments, resource-saving technologies, creation of specialised marketing devices, scientific gadgets, building of eco-dwellings and electric scooters..

Our economic model of social entrepreneurship allows children of 16 years old and above participate in building a common cause. As a part of the project we have developed methods that will allow us to provide orphan children with “thrifty” houses, teach and enable them to live independently and learn the means for making their dream come true. Our mission is to scout for geniuses and seers among the orphans and employing their potential within the society.

Our team annually increases the share of planted forests and creates ecological parks. It's relieves tension among the citizens. Our resource solve the problems of labour productivity and energy-restoration processes, and also decrease risks of mental illnesses among the employees of large corporations and lower social tensions in densely populated regions of our Planet.

How it works Log-in through social network (free) Any user can publish their projects Users get 1st level game currency for their projects in the geo social game. The game currency is provided by energy intellectual property If users donate money they get to vote for projects and gain extra options. Social сrowdfunding Social crowdsourcing Social crowdinvesting Social crowdсonsulting

Chek-in unity 3D in Android

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What's next for Social Environment of Happiness International crew Chek-in unity 3D in Android and ios. Geo social simulator improve the quality of life Geo social game "Waste in the income" Green symphonies of high-symmetry groves

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