The world health organisation has adopted the social distance as one of the most important tools in the fight against corona virus which makes many countries to lockdown and initiate rule for social distancing. However, it is not an easy task to monitor to how much people are committed to these rules. The project aims to find a solution for monitoring the public places and determine regions that require the authorities to take actions in order to maintain the public health.

What it does

It is a software system that is make use of any surveillance camera in order to monitor the movement of all pedestrians and make sure that they are committed to the social distancing rules. The system will be able to detect crowds and send an alert to the used in order to take action

How I built it

I used YOLOv3 to build the algorithm that detection people. Pytorch is used to build the netword and train it.

The software can be used by: 1- Hypermarkets: in order monitor the number of people and take decisions accordingly. 2- Governments: In order to make sure that all people and entities are commited to the lockdown, or to take actions when the system detects crowded places 3- At train station: In order to prevent crowds or to temporarily lock the station. Alot more ....

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