Targeted for pre-teen, special needs kids.

According to teachers all over, the biggest problem that hinders special needs kids from fitting in with the rest of their classmates, is the inabilaty to read social cues. Many of these kids entering middle school haven't mastered the skill of reading emotions on a face. They don't understand when someone is upset or angry or happy, and don't know how to respond to these emotions.

The purpose of Sociable is to provide these kids with a safe virtual environment where they can work on this essential skill, and have fun at the same time. They will be presented with an avatar that is going to be expressing a certain emotion or feeling. The challenge is to successfully identify the emotion, and react to the situation appropriately.

If the user succesfully completes an interaction, they will be rewarded with a mini game to keep it fun! The mini games are used to enhance the experience for the user, making them want to continue, and making the learning process fun.

Sociable is an excellent way for special needs kids to grow and develop, while having a great time.

-Made using Unity3D and Blender by Dmytro Ryzhkov and Mackinley Kath

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