People love music, and enjoying it alongside or against friends is always better, especially in rapping. We thought the industry needed a platform to allow the public to release the creative and competitive sides. I used to love going back home during my school breaks from college to hang out with friends and freestyle rap, but when it got too late, as much as we wanted to stay - the fun had to end and we had to go back home. Improvised freestyle raps are across the internet and more than just a streetside phenomenon, as channels like BET, MTV, VH1, Vice, Complex and more continue to showcase talented emcees worldwide. This platform was created to let the enjoyment continue for anyone and everyone who wants to explore this super human trick, from anywhere in the world, at any time.

What it does

This is software was built for the purposes of allowing people to develop their craft, network and interact with people all over, putting the power in the hands of artists with digital fan bases to do additional monetization through online performances. It allows for another distribution channel that is much more immersive than listening to snippets on soundcloud, bandcamp, apple music etc. By adding a competitive round-based grading aspect to this, each rapper and listener is able to have a chance to rap competitively or collaboratively with their group of friends or complete strangers to hold the crown. Being in our top 20 will get you featured on the homepage until the next mc battle tournament, and includes email blast promotion, marketing, contacts and production kits alongside other valuable resources to help the artists who are proving to be the best, level up. We're artists first and we want to really watch a community grow organically in a space that's still virtually empty.

Celebrities today can keep their fans updated on their music, or just release some short performance on a platform that's more intimate and exclusive than instagram, snapchat, perioscope etc. and keep an audience pleased while building a stronger affinity and relationship with them.

The bigger picture here is, whether there's a subscription based aspect where people create their own rooms and invite their friends to rap with privately or large artists are using our platform to produce online shows that are streaming live but have an entrance fee that goes toward a music /art centric organization or charity while simultaneously allows them to interact with fans and do complete performances subsidized to a screen.

How we built it

Utilized HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node JS, Cloudinary, 7Digital

Challenges we ran into

Working alongside partners to increment the tasks and making continuous progress over time, while taking advantage of each other's skillsets was a challenge. Understanding who could do what, what was the MVP that we wanted to achieve, and the schedule of pushes and commits and deadlines was the best way to ensure this went smoothly, and planning it all out took some time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are most proud of the effort and dedication each and every individual contributed towards this project. Their enthusiasm and confidence in such an idea with huge potential truly was eye-opening. With such a team, we are glad that the positive energy moved forward in allowing us to successfully use API's, overcome challenges with React, and build an MVP that is both engaging and gets the message across. Using different platforms like video development was amazing since there was such diverse talent.

What we learned

What's next for So You Think You Can Rap?

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