As a team, we all believe that there is a growing problem affecting people both nationally and globally. This problem is not only waste, but general carelessness in the environment around us. We have seen in the news many reports relating to human error that have caused forest fires or other natural disasters to occur. We see updates about how global warming is affecting our community, but the majority of us still throw away our trash in the same place even after knowing how much it can damage the environment, which is why we created SmokeyTheBearVR. As members in our community we wanted to take a stand and help educate others how to be respectful to the area around them on a regular basis. Our project shows how small changes can lead to big and globally scaled transformations. It only starts with one small action. It starts with us.

What it does

SmokeyTheBearVR(SmokeyVR for short) helps educate and empower players to initiate change in their neighborhoods and everyday lives. By creating an interactive open world with a gaze-based teleportation system, our project encourages users to care more about their environment and raises awareness to help ultimately prevent natural disasters in the future.

How we built it

We built SmokeyTheBearVR using Unity 3D. We used Blender to make the various sprites/models. We started by laying out and designing the various sprites we wanted in the game, then we designed the 3D world and added the physics to various objects. We used the Leap Motion SDK and the Google Cardboard SDK as well. These SDKs allowed us to combine VR with hand tracking to unleash a surreal experience. We used C# for the scripting, teleportation, and collision.

Challenges we ran into

The teleportation was among the most difficult challenges that we ran into, as the functions that initiated the teleportation phase were not being executed by the conditional. Another challenge we had was combining Unity with the Leap Motion controller in VR. VR was not a officially supported feature for the Leap Motion in the SDK we were using. This was extremely difficult and required us to perform over 25+ builds in Xcode.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud of combining the Google Cardboard with the Leap Motion controller as it is a task few have documented online. We are also proud of the fact that our application stands for a movement that is all about sustainability in the world around us.

What we learned

A majority of us had no prior experience with Unity or Blender. C# was also new but we had experience with OOP. None of us had any experience with VR or the Leap Motion Controller which was definitely a challenge, but we thoroughly enjoyed it.

What's next for SmokeyTheBearAR

We will work on more level design and will work on better interaction with in-game objects and the leap motion

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