You are experiencing it. Approximately 200 000 000 employees across the EU are experiencing it.

COVID-19 takes over control. Employers, Employees, team members are suffering from isolation and uncertainty across corporations, small and medium businesses and start-ups.

Relationships between employers and employees providing trust, responsibility, security & guidance such as appreciation are being re-imagined and re-designed.

From an employee perspective, stress and uncertainty is caused by two main factors: lack of constant and transparent communication with the employer and fear of job loss.

From an employer's perspective, the challenge is to survive financially and to ensure their brand reputation is not suffering.

Failure to address both perspectives can result in losing valuable people to the company, unemployment or even both affecting the European economy short and long-term.


The SmileBox subscription will be shipped to you and your team as a surprise. Delivered by companies to the homes of their staff.

How does it work?

Employers can now show some love and take care of the needs of hard working heros, working from home, working in the office or outside in the field.

They will receive a box as a token of gratitude for their commitment and sacrifice.

You will be reassured that you are not forgotten by the company.

What will be in your box?

-A personal note along with two things

  1. A choice of Entertaining puzzle, small gadgets and two mask to take care of your well-beeing
  2. You get to enjoy a local snack, take a break from corona and use a digital voucher to learn successful habits. Do little fun challenges together with your friend from work


Big thank you to the EU and all the people that contributed along the hackathon night and day.! ;)


Find a team - When the basic idea was submitted. There was no team in pleace

Slack - To find different skill sets the tean slack channel was grown from 1-41 members

Messaging DMs, to Mentors, Skill Mentors, on-boarding team members

Miro - To track the status a miro board for online colab was set up to onboard new contributors, visualize the Hackathon Milestones and judging criteria, and to organize the team as well as to efficiently track progress.

Problem Statement was defined

Possibilities for employers and employees identified

Ice cold quick showers and trying to stay hydrated


Concentrated on defining what is already available to address the problem

Based on available solution defined what is still missing

Unique value was identified as a key milesone to be able to start

Ain´t no stopping now, did not once see my wife she the whole day. (She is one room next to me) - feel sorry for that.


Video pitch production, Launching an online user survey with more than 30 potential users, to identify user profile and persona. To start rapid prototyping of website.

In parallel discussions with potential early adopters - large and small enterprises were interviewed to receive feedback how we can quickly assess needs to be beneficial to existing initiatives already in place. We had talks to Lufthansa and P&G interested to use SmileBox and to continue talks how in detail how it can be implemeted. Talked to small business owners and it was clear that we are facing two separate challenges: Large customers are more used to remote working, SMBs are focused on how to teach people to work remotely. we decided to go for large corporations as an early phase adopters.

In parallel started website and logo design with the feedback. Had lots of iterations to come up with logo.

Summarized and started business plan summary while constantly trying to coordinate teams and mentors to firefight the missing skills and guide everything to keep track with the progress.

defined key elements to be able to scale being partnerships with globally operating shipping companies, platform initiatives for local sourcing to scale with positive ecological footprint and to be able to contribute to save SMBs across Europe.


Video, Website/Prototype, Discussing what channel we can use for submission.

Setting the world record in the longest Zoom Session in my career. Almost feels like sitting outside in a cafe and chatting with people there about business. Dont want to take a look at the clock.

My dog things I am crazy because I did not sleep till submitting video. Finally youtube accepts the upload after trying 12 workarounds.


Well-being and cultivation of a new work culture across Europe. Helping employees to cope with the challenges reduce stress levels to bring back a positive vibe and energy at a large scale in short time frame.

We don ́t stop here. Sourcing also from small businesses to start a circular local economy by shipping vouchers from shop owners in your neighborhood to benefit workers and companies of any size


Run a test with early adopters and with the feedback further build the platform and identify partners able to support of shipping and sourcing capabilities at large scale.

Adapt and build a process with AI technologie that will identify the needs of individual users based on feedback and trigger events like anniversary, birthday, accomplishments and career achievements. integrate with HR platforms. On-boarding and hiring:

Operational team, partner managers, customer success manager, HR, along the way. CFOs. Finish business planning, partner with EU / Local Governments for financing and support from mentors. Find an office. Need a sales team as well as Frontend and UX-designers

Produce professional video to match corporate id of the Prototype / landing page / implement Marketing Campaigns.


SmileBox will be a new kind of valuable talent management tool for every company going through the pandemic and wishing to overcome it with their talent resources motivated for what comes next.

Enabling corporations of any size to quickly create a well-being oriented work culture to attract talent and to have highly motivated people within the organization.

Partner with Government to execute and scale


Videos about potential users results of users survey analysis

First -

Final -

Logo Evolvement:

UX Maps, Journey, Empathy Mapping, Profiles:

Slack Channel:


Project Management (Milestones/Team/Tasks)


Built With

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Want to see what others expect from employers in these times? We lauchched a survey to find out what truly matters to you in times of crisis and after.

takes you ~5 min Check it out:

After it compare your answers to others:

Setin, the UX Designer will walk you through first results here: I recommend to take the survey:

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Day 1 is over :) happy hacking, was fun to get to know so many people in such a short time. Incredible experience. Looking for more skills for design, prototyping, business plan and video tomorrow. Idea was born just a couple hours ago #gettingthingsdone

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