Improving the shopping experience with usage of AR and User Profile understanding

What it does

-Customer behavior learning, recommends products based on user profile

-Dashboard that shows customer statistics, products they buy often etc

-Shows nutrition info of the products.

-Using image thumbnails, show the nearest to expiry product and the rest in a stack

-Collect food waste data(food after expired date) from recycling companies and shopping app

-AR Mapping of available space you have at home (e.g. drawers/freezer deck/cupboards) [Determine what items you can or cannot purchase based on dimensions/measurements]

How I built it

-ARCore from Google


-Adobe XD for overall mockup

Challenges I ran into

ARCore has a learning curve.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Learned about ARCore and 3D modelling basics.

-Improved on Android studio and Kotlin understanding.

What I learned

ARCore, Sceneform

What's next for SmartShoppingApp - Team Gasax

Built With

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