I was inspired by my previous idea which was a Gaming Marketplace.

How it works

The application is based on XML's files which contains all of the product's prices in the biggest supermarkets in Israel. by picking the products you would like to purchase the app would compare it between all of the supermarkets prices which are located on the XML files. The XML files are being provided by "Misrad Hakalkala" (Ministry of Economy) which are being updated every few hours, thanks to the new law called "Hok haMazon" which got in on the 20/05/2015,

Challenges I ran into

Were working with XML files & Finding an idea (It was our 4st, it took us over 12 hours to decide what are we going to do, and we already have started all of the other ideas).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have made it although we had a very small time and we didn't believe we would be able to finish it by time. So yes, It took us the whole night, and each partner slept for as little as 45 minutes, but we DID IT! =)

What I learned

Is that you should always work and do your best, even if you don't believe you can make it out. And that you should always keep on doing and learning, even if you have no target -> You would LEARN, and LEARNING is always GOOD =) and that's basically what I believe, and one of the reasons why I came here by myself ;)

What's next for SmartShop

A nice future, working along with Adsense and helping people save much more money by letting them know where it's cheaper, And to convince the stores to lower their prices.

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