People have been complaining about chilly air condition of the building the whole cold weekend!

How it works

IoT solution with Intel Edison + Flir Lepton Thermal Sensor + other environment sensors (temperature, humidity, ambient noise, ambient light, ...)

BeagleBone Black + Flir Lepton Thermal Sensor -->

Challenges I ran into

WiFI doesn't support SSH, BBB doesn't have Wifi dongle. My IoT is written in Node.js, Lepton code is C/C++.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I came up with my "Lepton-Thermal-Index" to measure human thermal in buildings, and uploading the index to the Cloud for visualisation and analytics real time, among other sensors data.

I've also implemented a Air Condition Voting System so people can press Like or Dislike buttons for us to make informed decisions

What I learned

Lepton API and a lot of great ideas co-hackers came up with this weekend.

What's next for Smarter Building - IoT w/ Flir Lepton Thermal Imaging

I've started to laser-cut a proper case for the solution with so many sensors.

We are doing a PoC for a global hotel chain with 2000 hotel rooms - Computer vision / machine learning techniques are used for its hotel operation intelligence initiative. With the new Lepton Thermal Sensor, we couldn't wait to show the CEO and his management team how much more more intelligence we can introduce into the solution.

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