Earlier this year, the City of San Diego announced the world’s largest Internet of Things platform deployment to help the City improve community safety, reduce parking gridlock, recognize pedestrian patterns, and provide greater situational awareness, all while helping the City, businesses, and citizens enhance everyday life through insights and solutions built with real-time sensor data. Using Current, powered by GE’s CityIQ™, 3,200 intelligent nodes are being placed on streetlights throughout the City. (Source: http://cleantechsandiego.org/smart-city-san-diego/). Our vision includes the merging of CityIQ data with the citizen provided IoT data to provide a larger information source for improved decision making.

It enables the advanced visualization of the available information.

The GE Predix API set was used to connect the CityIQ™ live data into a GE Reference App. The Intel Grove IoT Commercial Kit was used to collect data from a sensor and publish that into a private Predix app. Node-Red was used to collect the information flow.

The Intel support team of Priyanka and Joe helped me sort out through several challenges related to configuration of the toolset and publishing of the IntelEnv app to the Predix cloud.

Lim from GE helped me with three step process to get the media queries to work.

Watching the data my sensor change in the cloud as I rotate the knob on my sensor is fun!

As usual, the devil was in the details.

I would like to connect the sensor data time-series into the SmartDecisions dashboard as my next step, and also add anomaly detection.

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