Every big thing starts of title steps, we should start water savings from our homes. Smart Sink helps you achieve it, by light indications whenever you cross water usage limits. It is easy to install and easy to use. Thanks to wifi connection and web sockets user can get instant feedback. It’s designed for water and money savings.

What it does

Water flow sensors are connected directly to Artik10. Each sensor change triggers following actions:

  • update light notification status system, so user can see current status directly via color leds (mounted near by the sink),
  • sends sensor data to internal server using web sockets, so user can monitor status via web site from any device,
  • sends sensor data to Samsung SAMI server using web sockets, so user can store historical data and statistics for the future.

Based on statistics Smart Sink system will be able to advice about limits for water (and money) savings.

Challenges I ran into

Since Artik is so powerful beast it can handle all platform services itself, but the biggest challenge was to integrate all parts into working prototype with useful interface. That includes building hardware features (light led notification system) and all software parts, such as: low level libraries, server side, frontend user interface and communication with Samsung SAMI.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Entire application, from low level communication with GPIO, through server side, up to the user interface is written in one technology (JavaScript), which makes it easy to maintain and future development. Smart Sink solution has very intuitive web interface, which can be used on internet enabled devices.

What I learned

JavaScript is the king and anything is possible ;)

What's next for Smart Sink

Project will be open for everyone via github. Low level library for handling GPIO communication will be separated and will go open source. Saving money section is going to be finished and improved.

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