I love to cook sometimes. I use food scale for weighing the ingredients but how do i know the nutrient value of the food i am eating.

What it does

Smart Nutritional Food Scale - This is a smart and portable food scale. Ideal for home kitchen use. Sensitive enough to weigh herbs and spices. They also have a wide range, so you can weigh heavy things like flour and rice. It will enable people to weigh ingredients and snacks and then determine the exact amount of fat, proteins, carbohydrates and calories in the ingredients they’re using in recipes or the snacks they’re eating at home. For example, you’re preparing a salad — you put your bowl on the scale, add your lettuce, select lettuce, reset to zero, add your tomatoes, select tomatoes, reset to zero, keep going, build this recipe and when you’re done, now you know exactly the nutritional value of that salad that you have every day. The scales being useful for individuals with conditions such as diabetes to help them track their carbohydrates/calories intake. It will be also invaluable for dieters who track their food intake to achieve and maintain their weight loss goals. So many people use nutritional food apps, but without knowing the precise weight of the food being consumed, this information is less accurate. It consists of a mobile app combined with a dedicated portable Bluetooth scale (Arduino 101 based), which together automatically calculate the exact amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and calories in a given meal, no matter where you are. Resting on one side, the device act as a scale, displaying the weight of any objects placed on it on a LCD display. Flip the device (vertically standing), and the device will act as a cooking timer (e.g for baking purposes). Features:- • Total Portability • Weighs up to 5kg • 1g sensitivity • BLE 4.0 connectivity • Also acts as a Cooking timer

How we built it

We made this project in less than a month. We used Arduino 101, Load Cell sensor with HX711 module, Grove touch sensors (Two required), Grove buzzer, Grove Base Shield, USB 2.0 Cable Type A Male to Type B Male, a mobile power bank. Interfaced everything with Arduino 101 and initially we used nRF Connect android app to read the load cell sensor value and send the timer value. Then after testing everything we used the Javascript, angular js, html5, css3 and jquery to make an android application for which cordova platform was used to generate the apk file.

Challenges we ran into

Creating a workable firmware for Arduino 101 was a challenge itself as we had no prior experience with any BLE hardware. Then andriod app development was also a challenge to build and make it decent.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really happy that the project worked at last.

What we learned

A variety of things like how BLE exactly works, how powerful Arduino 101 is and making an android application for BLE.

What's next for Smart Nutritional Food Scale

We want this device to be all in one should have gesture sensor to change recipe pages when your hands are busy with cooking, add temperature sensor slot, etc.

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