We've grown up seeing our grandparents struggling with managing their medications. From remembering when to take what medicine, to not remembering when to refill, we wanted to make staying healthy hassle free. When coming up with this project, we initially targeted senior citizens but soon realized it is a useful solution to a wider demographic.

What it does

The IntelliSpense is a smart medicine dispenser which will keep track of your medications need to be taken and how many of each type. It will also remind you to fill your prescription before it runs out.

How we built it

The dispenser is built using an Arduino 101 board to control the system with a stepper motor powered conveyor belt. The gears are 3D printed and for the rest of the materials, we foraged through a hacker's most useful resources: oranges, duct tape, and most importantly, Yerba Mate.

Challenges we ran into

Building this prototype required us to think out of the box (literally) and we dealt with issues like cutting the box, making holes in the box, and attaching things to the box. Other challenges we ran into span from getting the motor to start turning to stopping the conveyer belt from falling. With the materials we used, making a precise prototype which worked exactly as desired was easily the most difficult part.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Simply stated: we built a working prototype of a Smart Medicine Dispenser using mainly a box, duct tape, cans and grit. This is the first time we've built something like this and we are really proud of how it turned out.

What we learned

We learned how to come up with creative solutions using very limited materials in a very limited time. We learned how to integrate various components into an overall system in a unique way.

What's next for IntelliSpense

We want to connect an IntelliSpense app that will allow the user to easily input the data and give timely notifications directly to the phone for when to take the medication and refill it. Further developments include adding an RFID scanner to automatically record and gather all relevant details for the prescription.

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