A lot of people want to help the community, but if they were required to introduce a half meter receipt in a form when they were leaving the market they wouldn't go to that market again.

So a simple, accessible and fast solution should be provided for the community.

What it does

It recognizes the location, date, names, prices and the amount of the receipt and uploads it to the blockchain where can be made statistics about the product to see if the price went down in the last month, if the market tends to buy a certain brand or product more.

You can use NFC to get the receipt or upload a photo then you can watch all your receipts and how much did you saved since last month. You can also search for local prices for a certain product in a list.

How I built it

I used Tesseract OCR with PHP, for frontend I used Angular, Ionic and the blockchain is made using the hiperledger by IBM.

Challenges I ran into

Choosing the right blockchain was a tough since this is a new technology in the market and you get the real statistics only after you test them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the Tesseract working was a bit of a challange since I changed some source files to get it working right. I think this is the only project in which I participated that has an impact on Colombia. It is nice to have the chance to help a large variety of people.

What I learned

I learned to have more trust in Hiperledger in some specific cases.

What's next for Smart Localisation of prices

Maybe I can create a non profit startup with this system but it will be hard to reach the market in Colombia. I will put a prototype project with link on Github. If there will be no support to go further with the project I will post all the blockchain structure and the scripts made on Github.

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