Inspiration - We are inspired by the use of technology to improve both the quality and cost of healthcare. We focus on dementia due to the magnitude of the problem and the adaptability of technologies (IoT, machine learning) to improve conditions.

What it does - We apply data-driven technologies to measure and improve clinical outcomes in the diagnosis (early detection for better treatment options), treatment (Is this medication or treatment plan effective?), and care management (keeping patient out of the hospital, delay move to long term care facility, improve quality of life).

How we built it - Originally funded through a crude IoT lab at the university and expanded through a collaborative agreement with a nearby medical center and passionate Neurologist.

Challenges we ran into - Many challenges since we built or combined wearables, sensors, beacons, and combined with software and machine learning processes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We started with some crude wires, sensors, software, and ideas about 2 years ago. For this submission, we create a video of the system being used with a patient. This, and the fact that we are now working with 500 patients, is amazing.

What we learned - Determination and faith that things will come together.

What's next for Smart Health Beacons - Finish testing with the 500 patients. Add another medical facility for verification and additional input.

Built With

  • beacons
  • wearables
  • machine-learning
  • cloud
  • artificial-intelligence
  • sensors
  • internet-of-things
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