Home appliances only grow more and more connected with the advancement and democratization of technology. Thus we believe the next revolution in how you cook will be when your Kitchen works for you and not the other way around. This is why we sought to create a portable system that is easily implemented anywhere in the kitchen. This system will help you automatically decide and order what you want to eat.

What it does

Smart Cuisine is a system that can be implemented on your fridge and/or pantry in order to manage what food you have available. With this system it is possible to use a camera in order to detect what kind of food you are putting into your fridge and/or pantry and add it to your food inventory. The system is then able to recommend a few recipes that will match what food you currently have available.

How we built it

In order to build our application, we used the google-cloud-vision API to detect what item is going to be added to the inventory. Then we are also using RapidAPI in order to match the ingredients you currently have with recipes from their server. We processed video feed from our webcam with a java c++ wrapper. We built the GUI using in java using Swing.

What's next for Smart Cuisine

We plan on adding a way for the application to automatically create a Grocery list and itinerary to allow you to get the missing ingredients as efficiently as possible.

We also plan on adding dietary preferences for the recipes suggestions and implement a system that would make sure to use the items that are soon going to expire in order to minimise food waste in households.

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