Losing a family member to a stroke put medical emergencies close to my heart. My nan became incapacitated, and due to human-error when someone tried to check on her, she spent over 12 long hours in an arm-chair whilst she should have been receiving medical attention. Perhaps if she had an panic button she could have got help quicker.

This inspired me to produce software that allows an every day smartphone to function as a panic button or personal alarm. It serves purpose to anybody who could be liable to an emergency that may not be with someone at the time or able to make a phone call to get help.

Smart Alert launched on the App Store on 10th October 2014 and is free for ultimate accessibility.

The look and feel of the app makes it absolutely usable and for people of all ages and there has been positive feedback from stroke survivor's and disabled persons that have assisted us in testing.

There's a huge opportunity to roll out local versions of the application worldwide with translated dialects - and partner with local emergency services to attend to someone if they were unable to make a call. I already have a translator in Tamil Nadu who is happy to assist.

Residents of rural villages, like Tamil Nadu, could use this app to trigger alerts to their local doctors, clinics, friend or family whilst they are contacting the their emergency number, 108.

A potential feature of Smart Alert, when integrated to OpenXC, is to use an accelerometer in the tablet to trigger and emergency message if a large impact is detected while the vehicle is on with the GPS co-ordinates.

If we win, the prize money will fund the build, testing and release of an Android version.

V1.1 update is set to include the following features:

  • Geo-tagging alert.
  • Multi contact settings.
  • General layout & bug fixes.

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