We did it! We completed our app for the #nwHacks 2023 hackathon! After downing several cans of red bull, we’re proud to present our app, Slingo!

Slingo is a sign language detection app that helps deaf and mute children communicate with other people. Use Slingo to read sign language using the camera or type your message to get a demo of how to say it in American Sign Language. You can even translate the message into different languages!

I want to give a huge shoutout to Elmer Jr. Balbin, Saurab Sen, and Claire Simbulan because this wouldn’t have been possible without them. Moreover, I want to thank Javier Pérez for coming to support us!

The backend was built with NodeJS; hand pattern detection in Python and Tensorflow; translation with DeepL; data collection with Cheerio; and the frontend using React MUI.

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