Family Giving Tree Holiday Wish Drive Family Giving Tree is a San Jose, CA non-profit organization who delivers gifts to underprivileged San Jose children over the Holiday period.

Doing Great Work Family Giving Tree gives 70,000 gifts out over the Holiday Period.

Middle Man Donors and Drivers inform F.G.T that they want to contribute by phone and email.

Hard Work Single Volunteer then coordinated the picking-up of all 70,000 gifts by volunteer drivers, often picking items up on the way home.

Bumpless Donation Sleigh allows donors to post their donations in app and work out logistics of pickup directly with driver.

Seamless Driver Experience Delivery Volunteers can see items around them that need picking-up, initiate pickup, contact donor, and deliver to warehouse without any F.G.T orchestration.

Full Admin Control Family Giving Tree can then focus on their Charity as the heavy weight of logistical organization is lifted, while still allowing them to intercede in any operations through the Admin Panel.

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