Sleep monitor. Snore detection & warning, rapid and slow arm movements and heartbeat measurement over one or more nights.

With Snorek you can monitor your sleep at night. It detects your snoring, it can warn you and measures how long you moved. Your sleeping position (*), your movements and your heartbeat (heartbeat not available for this version) can be uploaded to the cloud and one has the possibility to compare results at different nights by means of a Web browser on a PC or Tablet.

Through the Web App one can watch at what time snored took place, the heart beat at that time(), the highest heartbeat, the ammount of rapid and slow arm movments and at what time they happened during the night. The gathered sleeping position, the time spent at each position and at what position snoring happened () can also be watched through the Snorek WebApp. User can select a date to wach results or it is also possible to stream data and monitor it remotely in almost realtime with a few seconds delay.

Through the Gear2 Widget you can select one of three operation modes: the Fixed, the Smart or the Analysis mode.

The Fixed mode emits a vibration of 250ms when you snore. If you don't quit snoring, the vibration repeats with the same duration.

The Smart mode increases this vibration until you quit snoring. If 250 ms are too little for you, then 350 ms will be applied on a following snore. If you stop, the next time you snore on that night, the same 350ms that made you stop will be applied. Vibration can go up to 999ms.

The Analysis mode disables vibration and monitors your movements and snores for the whole sleep. Latter you can compare results and observe the values obatined by this App. By disabling vibration you can compare results without interferences. Please note that this values have no medical value. This is not a certified medical App.

Results are also available on the Gear, although on the Gear there are not so many results available. (snore length and how many times)

It is important to not forget that the Smartphone is analysing sounds. For this reason shall be placed close to where you are sleeping. Sound around your phone might delay the recognition of ysnoring.

(*) Sleeping position and SmartWatch position are not always the same. However the App identifies typical sleeping movements and counts them as right side sleep, left side sleep, sleep on back and others.

(*) Since position of the Gear doesn't have to be the position of the user, an algorithm has been implemented to identify it. The exact position of the user based on the position of the Gear can not be known and therefore position information must be not taken seriously.

(*) Hearbeat stays gray in this version but a simulation mode can be enabled.

(*) Note: if planned to SignIn with a Google+ account to store scores one can either set up one through the Settings-Accounts -Add Account - Google of the SmartPhone or create a new one. Remember that when an account is added, other Apps (like Picassa, for example) may ask to authorize them at the same time even than Snorek.

New Features

  • "Analysis mode" (On/Off) - Monitors one night sleep by sending from the Gear to the SmartPhone user movements during sleep. Heart beat is not available yet in this version.

  • Movement and snore scores can be saved with any Google+ plus account the user chooses. The App only requires an email account to associate the scores with a user. Any user can use the App with any Smartphone with any account (for example shared from friends). No personal information is collected or stored other than the email account to be able to save scores and retrieve them latter for one user.

  • The User interface is new, with icons related to the measurements.

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