I am a student and also a school teacher and I discovered that most of my students find it hard to understand what is being taught because learning is not always delivered in real-time and life science is not experienced due to the poor educational system in Nigeria, I decided to utilize games and visual reality videos to teach them and I found out they assimilated what is been taught better.

I decided to create skylar game where students all over the world can learn through games.

According to Professor Sarah-Jayne of Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Students especially adolescents are more receptive to rewards than they are to punishments of equal value.

As a result, it may be useful for parents and teachers to frame things in more positive terms. For example, saying 'I will give you a pound to do the dishes' might work better than saying 'I will take a pound from your pocket money if you don't do the dishes'.

In order to create better learning approaches we present to you skylar game Which is an educational platform that incorporates reward-based learning

What it does

Students solve puzzles and play science adventures in Skylar, students who excel get the opportunity to receive tokens they can redeem for premium educational resources. The unique thing about Skylar is that it is a sustainable development goal-focused learning game. Students carry out projects in virtual reality. Let take an example a student can be given a mission to destroy game items that contribute to global warming Through Skylar, students are taught innovation, problem-solving, and kindness. Slykar game also has an automated teacher support character that can have real-time conversations with players and guide them in their encounter

How we built it

We build skylar with unity engage using C# language. We tokenized our game with Toncoin, players can bridge their coins to etherium and then use it in the game We utilize the chainsafe smart contract SDK our game. We created a multiple chain dialogue system by creating an NPC file archive for out players to interact with teachers. We have an interactive system that students communicate with when the encounter game objects that will initiate missions. We created models of educational contents like cells, human body parts and planets in 3Dmax

Challenges we ran into

We are beginners in C# language for game development. This was the first time we interacted with Everscale solution for games.


We are proud to have built our first prototype through the Freeton hackathon.

What we learned

We’ve gained hands-on experience through the workshops and we have seen practical ways to apply Freeton tools in the real world.

What's next for Skylar

We are going to be testing Skykar with real users, we will go to different schools to see how students interact with these games and get parents/teachers' feedback, we will then proceed to build the main product by considering the feedback we’ve gotten.

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